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Solve Hog Damage Forever!

Hogs can be the gift that keeps on giving. Just when we’ve repaired recent damage, the next morning or week, it’s back again. Same with trapping hogs quite frankly.

Trapping hogs with a smart system like Jager Pro is the most effective approach to managing a hog problem, but notice I said “managing.” As much as we would like to think trapping can eliminate the problem, it will not in the long run. If done correctly, you can and will see periods of time where it will seem like the problem is gone, but they will inevitably come back.

A female hog, or sow becomes “of age” at just 6-8 months of age and will reproduce 1-2 times a year averaging 3-8 piglets a litter. Do the math on that! That one sow can end up being 70 pigs in one year and I’m not even getting to year two.

Not only can effective trapping not keep up with the reproduction rate, inadequate trapping methods educate sounders to avoid traps all together. By not trapping the entire sounder by using trip wire traps or similar products, hogs will not come to even the smartest of traps. Shooting has a place but only works to take a pig or two and possibly push a sounder around for a day or two.

The only solution that will solve hog problems forever is unfortunately hog wire fencing. For ranches that have an on-going issue, this is what Lone Star recommends as it is a permanent and lower cost solution than a trapping program. Most of our ranches select the area they wish to protect selectively to minimize impact and cost. For example, areas around your home, barn or sensitive areas like hay pastures or food plots. We always recommend 4×4 hog wire strung on a fence made of 4” wood posts then 2 T posts and another 4” wood post, repeat and rinse. Lastly, use 7” corner posts and always put a strand of barbed wire at the bottom.

So, if you want to rid yourself of your hog problem…hog wire fencing is the way to go.


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