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Water Well Test and Flushing

When we first moved to on property in Austin County I knew we needed to test the water in the well. You can order everything on Amazon, so I found a water test and ordered it. If you learn one thing from this post let this be it. Do not buy a do it yourself water test. Check with your local county or Ag extension office to see if they have or can provide a testing service. I used one up in the Brazos Valley and what we found was contaminants in the water. Being a new land and well owner, I was shocked and at a lost of what to do. Did I need to drill another well? Would my family be safe ever drinking this water? The fix is quite simple. I paid a well company to come out to conduct what was a simple bleach flushing of the well. My well had not been used for sometime and this can cause contaminants to build up in the well pipe. Other causes of issues can come from improper septic systems, floods and livestock.

Test annually and do not panic should you get subpar results. Read through the link below and gauge your ability to treat it yourself. It will save you a few hundred bucks.

How to Disinfect a Water Well with Shock Chlorination (tamu.edu)


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