Lone Star Ranch Management

Post Freeze Tree Plan

Many are worried about their trees right now, and rightly so. In the Austin county area we received something in the order of 4 inches of snow. This was not enough to cause “loading” damaged to the trees in the form of broken branches. Most of our damage is direct from the cold weather. The best advice is to be patient.

I’ve noticed the Water Oaks have budded out first, followed by the Live and then the Post Oaks. If you see a particular oak that is out of sync with the others, give it a bit of time but do not ignore it. Should you see a limb that is not budding out, carefully scratch the bark to check for green underneath. If it is not, prune it and paint the wound. Any paint will do, it is not necessary to buy expensive wound sealant. Be careful here though due to Oak Wilt. Thoroughly clean your saw prior to using it and follow through with the paint. In a normal year, the advice is to not prune oaks from Feb-June due to Oak Wilt. This advice is straight from Texas A&M Ag Extension office.


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